Zoloft Success Stories

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Hi all,. We need to know positive stories about sertraline . If anyone have a successful story and would like to share with us so we can have hope to continue the journey of this medication. Thanks in advance to all . Report this 0 Reply to dodo81786 .I noticed that most of the other medication rooms have a success story thread pinned, but our Z room here doesn 't. This needs to be fixed for sure so I 'm a .But even with my harsh critique people still have to realize that medications work differently for everyone. This was horrible for me but there 's plenty of other people that have had success with it so keep an open mind. Depression and anxiety are absolutely terrible but please don 't give up until you find something that works." .I started taking Zoloft generic name Sertraline . I named this post 'In praise of Zoloft ' because I think my decision to take medication to treat my anxiety is actually the most unique part of my story. While millions of people around the world are medicated for mood disorders, I was an unlikely candidate..