You Mean Alot To Me Quote

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This is a collection of the best 50 'You mean so much to me ' quotes and sayings for him and her. Your presence means a lot to me, your absence also means a lot to me, even your smile means a lot to me; all those beautiful moments we spent together means a lot to me because being with you makes you mean so much .Every once in a lifetime, we come across that one individual who makes the world seem a better place to live in. Love is that wonderful feeling that encompasses your entire being with a warm blanket. It is being safe in someone 's company. Certain love quotes and sayings certainly help you proclaim your love to the one .Maybe I 'm scared because you mean so much to me. You 're everything I think about, everything I need and everything I want. I Love you. the love meaning message. If you only knew how much those little moments together mean to me. I have never felt so lucky in my life than the moment you became mine..