Wow Free Game Time

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Download World of Warcraft for FREE and continue your adventures through Azeroth today! Account Recovery Learn more. WoW Token. WoW Tokens can be redeemed to add up to 30 days of game time to your account. You can purchase them from the Auction House for gold or from the in-game Shop for real money..I seem to recall there was a promotion sometime during Warlords where returning players got a certain amount of free time, or something to that effect. Other than that, the only things I can think of that would be even similar would be time given out in compensation for server outages they gave 5 days after .However, it somehow got screwed up and only some people received the email for it and some received the email but got no game time. Check if you are eligible for the free game time. Method 2: Facebook promotion. EU: Go to World of Warcraft 's Facebook page. Select "Former Player", and then select .Hello guys im up with a new wow video! hope you enjoyed watching! Link: .