World Of Warcraft 7 Days Free

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receive the promotional email, here is the link to claim 7 free days of WoW. Source:///r/wow/comments/2k7uir/psa_if_you_didnt_get_the_email_for_the_7days_free/ Link to obtain: .Download World of Warcraft for FREE and continue your adventures through Azeroth today! Account Recovery Learn more. WoW Token. WoW Tokens can be redeemed to add up to 30 days of game time to your account. You can purchase them from the Auction House for gold or from the in-game Shop for real money..World of WarcraftVerified account. @Warcraft. The world 's most epic online game is free to play for the first twenty levels! Enter into a world of myth, magic, and legendary adventure. Irvine, California. Joined July 2009 .So Blizzard just mailed me 7 days free game time to try out 7.2.5 for both my unsubbed accounts. aren 't subbed? I 've never really known Blizzard to give out anything for free unless it 's promoting one of their other games, hoping it isn 't a scam. WoW does this on occasion if you 've been unsubscribed..