Why Would I Owe State Taxes

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Common Reasons for Increased State Taxes. When it comes tax time, there are several ways to find yourself owing more than you expected. You may not have had enough withholding or deductions. This leaves more income to be taxed resulting in a lower refund or the need to pay additional taxes with your return..

  • Why Do I Owe State Taxes Brotman Law

    If you performed work in a state and tax was withheld from your income, you may owe or be due a refund from that state. If taxes were not withheld and you received a Form 1099 listing your earnings, you are not required to file in that state..

  • Eight Tips For Taxpayers Who Owe Taxes Internal

    While most taxpayers get a refund from the IRS when they file their taxes, some do not. The IRS offers several payment options for those who owe taxes. Here are eight .

  • Six Tips For People Who Owe Taxes Internal Revenue Service

    You should think about using a credit card or getting a loan to pay the amount you owe. Use IRS Direct Pay. The best way to pay your taxes is with the IRS Direct Pay tool. It's the safe, easy and free way to pay from your checking or savings account. The tool walks you through five simple steps to pay your tax in one online session..

  • Why Do I Owe 400 In State Taxes W 2s Money Ask

    StateTaxFilter: Last year I owed the state $3. This year I seem to owe the state over $400. Could this be an error, and, if not, why do I owe so much?.