Why Does It Take So Long To Pee

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WebMD Symptom Checker helps you find the most common medical conditions indicated by the symptoms Decreased urination, Difficulty starting urine stream, Frequent urge to urinate and Slow or weak urine stream and including Dehydration Children , Medication reaction or side-effect and Urinary tract infection UTI ..Same for me. if im alone and at home or in a house by myself, i can piss the second i whip it out. if im at a urinal or if i have to use a stall or whatever and theres people nearby, and i know they can hear the stream initiate, especially if im standing next to them in a urinal, it can take forever but usually once .I am a 28 years old male. I have been observing for the last two years that I have to wait for long at least a minute to pass urine. This happens even when I have an urgency. I don 't feel any pain or any other symptom. What could be the reason for this?.I had this problem though I did not have to take quite so long to pee. It lead to urine infections. I got refered and they did cytoscopy a camera into the bladder, nowhere near as bad as it sounds! and they found a stricture blocking the urine. A quick op and one stay over night in hospital and now it all works .

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    I had a yeast infection and it caused burning when I peed, now the yeast is gone but I take a long time to pee. Plus my boyfriend now takes forever to pee and it just dribbles a little at a time so he is in the bathroom about 10 minutes. what could be the problem with us not being able to pee..

  • It Takes Me A Long Time To Pee But There Is No Pain

    Secondly if you are having psychological problems/like peeing in a public restroom where there are strangers around try counting in your mind when you pee.It helps to get over with the feeling and pee faster..

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    Why does my dog take so long to pee? Golden Retriever Dog Forums forums, you must first register. Please enter your desired user name, .

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    For me I don't pee much when I do go but I feel like I still have to go even when I'm done!!! Quite frustrating I end up trying to lean forward as much as possible to .