Why Do I Want To Be A Girl

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I cannot lose them. When I see a girl that is my ideal I usually think, "I want to be her, I 'll give up everything to be her". I look at woman 's hands and compare them to mine, and their shoulders. To see if I can ever really pass. How much money do I need to save up to really begin. I have 1000 so far. Logged .How to Adjust to Being a Boy when You Really Want to Be a Girl. Every once in a while, a guy will be born who would feel much more comfortable as a girl. Unfortunately, in some cases these people aren 't able to simply start living as a .There is always the question i have asked myself. That question is "Do I have a personality of a Boy or a Girl?" I dont want to say for myself now. However, this is YOUR oppurtunity to take the quiz of amusement. Are YOU a boy or are you a girl? Do you think you have sleek curves at your waste or do you think you are a .And then follow by the following sentences "I think these points are valid in making you understand that how much I want you in my life and similarly want to be a part in your too. No offense if you don 't accept my proposal, but I will be extremely happy if you do accept it. I don 't know how much I am making you understand .