Why Do I Owe State Taxes

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If you finish your tax return and are confused as to why you need to send the IRS a check, there is only one possible explanation for this: you paid less tax during the year than you owed for your income level. The more allowances you report on your W-4, the less tax that is withheld from your paycheck..

  • Do I Have To Pay Taxes On Unemployment Turbotax

    Although it doesn't seem quite fair, the IRS does consider unemployment income as taxable income, as do most states. On the bright side, if your sole source of income was from unemployment, and that income was less than the taxable threshhold after exemptions and deductions, you might not owe any taxes..

  • I Live In Washington State But Work In Oregon Why Do I

    Because you work in OR you do have to file and pay OR income taxes on those wages non-resident tax return . it's the same thing TX residents have to do if they work in OK, or Arkansas if you physically work in a state with income taxes, you have to pay income taxes to that state first and then your home sate..

  • Military Spouses And State Taxes Turbotax Support

    Military and Spouse - State taxes Active duty service members have always been able to keep one state as their state of legal residency.

  • I Am Paying And Owe State Tax In A State That I Do Not

    Question, answer Yes and make sure your nonresident state s are selected from the drop-down. Click Continue to return to the Your Personal Info Summary screen. After you finish your federal return, you'll automatically move to the State Taxes tab, where you'll see your nonresident state s listed in addition to your resident state..