Why Choose Internal Medicine

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Although medicine is not for everyone, for whom it is, it likely is the only choice. After completing three years of medical school, the time finally comes to choose what we will do for the rest of our careers. My decision to enter internal medicine is based on the experiences, diversity and opportunities it .I could write about why I did choose internal medicine i.e., that I could enter the workforce as an internist immediately after residency or do a subspecialty fellowship in cardiology, pulmonary, nephrology, endocrinology, rheumatology, critical care medicine if I wanted to spend more time training and delay .A few years later, I 'm an outpatient general internist, which means that I 'm a primary care physician for adults, and I couldn 't be happier. One of the things I love about being an outpatient general internist is the continuity. Why I Love General Internal Medicine - Medscape - Oct .When it comes to choosing specialties as a third-year in medical school, THIS is why internal medicine and all primary care specialties sometimes struggle to woo students. Lack ofy. BUT! This is where I come in. And not just me. Me and several of my fellow internal medicine nerds. Buckle your seat belts, people, .