Which Of These Is A Minimum Cash Account Balance That Is Required By A Bank

Which of these is a minimum cash account balance that is required by a bank? a. Cash equivalent b. Compensating balance c. Line of credit d. Bank loan. Compensating balance. Cash is normally listed a. on the income statement. b. last in the current asset section of the balance sheet. c. first in the investment section of the .Cash equivalents: Are investments in highly liquid investments that earn interest. The internal control. Designyze and evaluate internal controls. A check drawn by a depositor for $510 in What entry is required in the depositors accounts? Which of these minimum cash account balance that is required by a bank..Situations in which you Deduct from Cash Account Balance Credit Memo issued for another company 's cash collected included in your bank statement In management 's internal control report that is now required of all public companies, which of the following does not have a direct effect on a company 's internal control .Deduction from the balance per the depositor 's records. Accompanying the bank statement was a debit memorandum for bank service charges. What entry is required in the depositor 's accounts? debit Miscellaneous Administrative Expense; credit Cash debit Cash; credit Other Income debit Cash; credit Accounts Payable.