When To Take Brintellix Morning Or Night

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AN. angel99903 . My mom/ best friend justd this past Monday from pancreatic cancer!!! So i went to the doctor today n she gave me samples of 10mg brintellix, .5clonopins, n ambiens to sleep is it oooook to take all these together??? N should i start the brintellix tonight or in the morning???.What time of the day is best to take Trintellix? In the morning or at night ? I started 2 weeks ago and I am having terrible side affects , feeling much worse than before the pills, my anxiety is the worse I have ever had, this medicine is making me so sick and feeling Updated 8 months ago in Brintellix..I amy on day mg Brintellix. I have been taking upon awakening each day. I wanted to know if this is common or if anyone takes it right before bed?.Customer: Ok so your saying the longer I take it the more energy I should feel? But as far as when I should take the medication any advice ? Morning or night? Dr. Z : Right now you want to take the medication in the morning because an initial adverse symptom could be insomnia. So you want to get used to .