When Is It Opened

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From English Grammar Today. We use open as an adjective to mean 'not closed ': I stopped the car when I realised that the door was open. Not: that the door was opened. Opened is the past form of the verb open: Can you open the window, please? present . She opened her eyes and immediately looked at the clock..1 The shop is open. 2 The shop is opened. Is there a difference between "is open" and "is opened"? Or are they interchangebly? Thank you.: . There are other meanings to open as well. The same pertains to the second example. Someone has a file that is open, not closed. If you did the action of opening the door or file , then you opened it. If the door opened itself, you can say, "The door opened." Or, you could run away. I 'm pretty sure that 's the .

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