What To Do When You Hate College

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Are you unhappy at college? Learn what to do to make your situation better with our tips..You 've been waiting for move-in day all summer, got a whole new wardrobe, and defriended all of those jerks from high school who you secretly couldn 't stand for the last four years and finally, you 've made it to college. But after unpacking, meeting your somewhat strange roommate, and taking classes .This is going to be my second year and I 'm just dreading it. I really just don 't want to do it anymore. The work is useless and dull and the only point of it is to measure how hard you are working compared to the rest of the classmates. Last year freshman I didn 't really enjoy. Come to think of it, all I remember .I don 't hate college still because the past two and a half years taught me exactly what I don 't want out of life, and about the person I never want to be again." I won 't slander my It 's a harsh reality check that confirms that not only do you want a change, you pretty much need it. It took me two and a half years .