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Expressing or meaning a refusal or denial: a negative answer. 2. lacking positive or affirmative qualities, such as enthusiasm, interest, or optimism. 3. showing or tending towards opposition or resistance..Negation: two negativesStandard English does not have two negatives in the same clause double negatives . Words such as never, nobody, no one, none, nothing, nowhere, etc. already have a negative meaning, so we don 't need another negative with the verb: Negative clauses with any, anybody, anyone, anything, .Negative and positive are opposites in other senses. Mathematically, there are positive + numbers, and negative - numbers. I can have a positive good attitude, or a negative bad attitude. Just as "good" is the opposite of "bad" and of "evil," "negative"s meaning depends on what you contrast it with..

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    Negative noun a reply of denial. "he answered in the negative". negative adj a piece of photographic film showing an image with light and shade or colors reversed. negative adj characterized by or displaying negation or denial or opposition or resistance; having no positive features..

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    What does negative mean? Proper usage and pronunciation in phonetic transcription of the word negative. Information about negative in the AudioEnglish.org dictionary, synonyms and antonyms..

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    Definition of negative for Students. 1 : a part of something which is harmful or bad Consider the negatives of quitting school. 2 : an expression as the word no that denies or says the opposite. 3 : the side that argues or votes against something. 4 : a photographic image on film from which a final picture is made..

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    Negative is the OPPOSITE of positive. - vs. + Negative could also mean: negative view over something, meaning: a bad overlook on something, not looking on the brightside. Thinking negatively. 1. a. Expressing, containing, or consisting of a negation, refusal, or denial: gave a negative answer to our request..