What Does Fear Taste Like

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Such a deed, mouthful by mouthful, would fill one with dread as much as the stomach full of life ending slosh. And such a taste then, such a taste would be brackish, strong brine, fear would taste like strong brine. In a dry mouth..He wanted to forget, but the shame, the embarrassment, the resentment just flowed through his body like an electric shock. His mouth started to water with a foul tinge, he gulped and winced in fear knowing this would be his last meal. This one meal represented every memory he ever wanted to forget..If you are fearful, then your body is producing adrenalin, which might make your mouth go dry- so fear might taste like something getting stuck in your throat so that you are unable to speak or speak hoarsely. There is no actual "taste" of emotion, but rather the end result of the changes in body function. Fear .Fear, in the mouth, would be furry in texture, eight legged and biting. You would gag and vomit venom and traumatised tarantulas .