Wedding Thank You Card Wording For Someone Who Didnt Attend

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So this is a different scenario than people who came to the wedding, but didn 't gift. I have a few people that sent a gift, but didn 't come to the wedding. You don 't need to send a thank you note to guests for attending the wedding, but you do need to write a thank you to everyone who gave you a gift!.One of the couples asked me for some wording ideas for guests who weren 't able to attend their wedding but sent a gift. It 's so lovely of them to remember their guests definitely a great gesture to send a thank you card even though they couldn 't make it on the day. Receiving a photo thank you card from .That means that while you can lovingly suggest wedding thank you card wording, you can 't demand that it 's used, and you can 't ask someone to split the if it helps just get it done; Write notes to everyone even if they didn 't get you a gift : Listen, it 's not uncommon to have a guest attend but not bring a gift..I love writing thank you cards and spent forever writing some pretty detailed cards to each of my guests -quite a few commented on them! haha! Cash gifts with no attendance are tough tho! here are a few examples for you I would also consider including a photograph, especialyl if it 's a family member and a wedding favor .