Water Pressure Starts Strong Then Weakens

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Here 's the situation, we are on a public water system. The cold and hot water pressure at all of our faucets starts off strong then fades after 1-2 seconds. The only exceptions are our washing machine, which is the first stop after the water service line enters the house, and our hose outside that connects right .We are so glad to find this forum. Our son noticed a few nights ago that the cold water from our bathroom faucet starts at normal pressure and then, .Also, newer faucets have a strainer that allows reduced gpm gallons per minute compared to older faucets, which are free-flowing. It is common for the newer reduced gpm faucets to have a strong initial stream pressure immediately when the faucet is first opened and then the water stream is reduced..You 'll want to leave that closest faucet open for now turn The Main on off several times to make sure it itself is sc.d clean only clean water is coming out of that faucet. It 's common for The Main to accumulate mineral build-up. Then, turn off that faucet, reinstall its aerator turn The Main off..