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I have been waiting to pull the trigger on a Omega SMPc 300M for a while now. I have some noobie questions that hopefully some of you knowledgeable..Jomashop is a well known gray market seller, so you 're sure to get the watch, its not a scam. I wouldn 't recommend relying on their warranty much. I 've read on watchuseek about warranty horror stories from jomashop for expensive watches. If you do buy from jomashop and have a warranty issue, I 'd .She told me we should go to the store and pick it up but the watch is basically $1000 cheaper if I buy it from Jomashop. My question is: do these boutiques have any wiggle I went with a used seller I found on watchuseek with a lot of good feedback. I don 't mind taking it used and mine has 7 months of the .Hey Fellas- I have a handfull of watches that I have bought from ADs some expensive, some not so much. My questions to you guys is: Have any .