Watchmaxx Vs Jomashop

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Hi! I 'm looking to buy a baume et mercier watch $2000 or so from a GD. Wondering which one is more reliable/less shady watchmaxx or jomashop? Both have A+ BBB ratings but Jomashop seems to have lots of complaints as well as poor yelp reviews. But it also is selling the watch I want for about $250 . and black model, 326., either with the black rubber band. Have not decided yet. My question is WHO should I buy it from that everyone here with the experience knows is reputable and sells genuine stuff?,, or jomashop? Or another? Please advise..I 've read that AD 's might offer discounts of up to 20 in some cases, but after adding in taxes, I 'd still be looking at over $1300 more compared to what I could get purchasing through Jomashop. And IMO, that leaves me a lot of money left in my pocket if I did have to have it serviced vs. having the warranty ..Hello, I just wanted to share - hopefully it is helpful. Over the past month I have purchased two different Tissot watches - one from Jomashop A and..