Viibryd Nausea

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I 'm a veteran of most ssri 's. I usually tolerate very well. Just transitioning from celexa to viibryd. After several days will be increasing dose to 40 'mgs over several weeks. Now at 20 mg and the nausea is horrible, pretty much all day feeling really queezy really pukey. How long should I hang in with this?.Learn about the incidence of nausea and diarrhea during VIIBRYD vilazodone HCl clinical trials. See safety info, including Boxed Warning full Prescribing Information..Sorry you are having trouble with nausea, I 'm taking Viibryd too. I 'm on 20mg, along with some other meds. Currently I have no side effects from the Viibryd. Have you talked to your doc about what 's going on? Maybe you could back down to 30mg a 20 and a 10, if they don 't make 30 's for a while. Also .