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Medical Dermatology. Westwood. Laura Bernet, M.D Health Sciences Clinical Instructor Medical Dermatology. Santa Monica. David Beynet, M.D Health Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor Clinical Director of Aesthetic Surgery, Santa Monica Residency Program Site Director - VA Dermatologic Surgery. Santa Monica..Surgical Dermatology. Comprehensive Care Skin cancers differ in appearance, tissue structure and level of aggressiveness. We treat a comprehensive array of skin cancer types. Learn about the treatments we offer > .UCLA Division of Dermatology 200 Medical Plaza Los Angeles, CA 90035. Medical Dermatology - Suite 450. Dermatological Surgery - Suite 465. Cosmetic Dermatology - 100 Medical Plaza, Suite 216. Appointments Information: 310 825-6911. Cosmetic Appointments: 310 206-SKIN 7546 Fax: 310 794-7005..UCLA Acne Clinic Acne vulgaris is one of the most common skin disorders treated by dermatologists. Acne can range in severity from mild disease to more severe and recalcitrant disease, including nodulocystic lesions and lesions on the back and chest. Acne may also lead to significant scarring and dyspigmentation..