Types Of Dylexia

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But here are some of the more widely mentioned "types" of dyslexia that you might hear about: Phonological Dyslexia. This is often what people are thinking of when they talk generally about dyslexia. Surface Dyslexia. Rapid Naming Deficit. Double Deficit Dyslexia. Visual Dyslexia..

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    When reading specialists know the types of dyslexia your child has, they can come up with strategies to help. A full evaluation is the best way to identify those issues. Learn about ways you can help your child at home..

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    There are several types of dyslexia or learning disabilities that can affect the child's ability to spell as well as read. The types are identified by the nature of the problem .

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    "A type of dyslexia characterized by difficulty with whole word recognition and spelling, especially when the words have irregular spelling-sound correspondences." Deep .

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    This type of dyslexia is a dysfunction of, rather than damage to, the left side of the brain cerebral cortex and does not change with age. Individuals with this type are rarely able to read above a fourth-grade level and may struggle .