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Trin Talks Development in Action is Trinity College 's flagship dissemination event for development research both in Trinity and beyond and is brought to you by TIDI. TIDI currently hosts approx. 4 Trin Talks per annum on key issues in development. Trin Talks present Trinity research to an internal and .Hello! Welcome to my channel! If you are interested in my channel take a look at my vids and subscribe for more awesome stuff. I will be giving shout outs, if you comment on a video you will get a shoutout! Asking questions and making idea 's for new videos counts for a shout out too! Don 't be afraid to speak your mind..Here is the first episode of my new blog series, still working on the format. Streams Mentioned: Distinct Trinata .Featuring talks on subjects as diverse as 'Walking to the North Pole ' to 'The Internet of Things ', TrinTalk is based on the TEDx format and gives alumni the opportunity to listen to inspirational talks on a fascinating range of topics. Conceived as a showcase of the vibrancy and diversity of our alumni, TrinTalk is hosted in .