Tracer Slipstream

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Pretty sure you can upgrade to origins if you 're on the pc and only bought standard. It wouldn 't make any sense at all if you could buy that skin in game since those skins are literally the only perk to buying origins edition. Crepsly 4745 posts Crepsly. Ignored. 2. Copy URL. View Post. Worth the .No, sadly there is no other way. They are also not awailable through lootboxes. If they would be available via boxes, why would anyone buy the Origins Edition? : You have to upgrade I 'm affraid. 03/02/2017 11:31Posted by LenaOxton. But But the Slipstream is complete trash! Only skin of her which I use..Overwatch was looking for a hotshot pilot to test their next-generation teleporting fighter: The Slipstream. Enter: Lena Oxton call sign: "Tracer" . [giggles] That 's me! It was the opportunity I had trained for my whole life. But on my first flight, the teleportion matrix malfunctioned; and I disappeared..