Tracer Skins Overwatch

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Classic Pulse Pistols Pulse Pistols Golden Electric Purple Pulse Pistols Pulse Pistols .Tracer is currently the only Overwatch hero whoseuality has been directly addressed. According to Reflections, Tracer is dating and living with a woman named Emily. Blizzard later elaborated in a statement, clarifying that Tracer is a lesbian. Tracer, or rather, someone wearing a Tracer skin, has a cameo appearance in .We 're introducing a new achievements system for our contributors! Tracer: Skins. From Liquipedia Overwatch Wiki. < Tracer Overview; Skins. Skins. Classic. Classic. Default. Availability. 0. Release Date. Electric Purple. Electric Purple. Rare. Availability. Loot Box 75. Formely known as "Violet"..