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Tracer Counters | Best Match-Ups For Tracer Hero Counter Picks. Strong against and what she is Weak Against In Overwatch. Overwatch Counters Guide..Mccree still counters her. Flashbang, left click kills her immediately. The problem if you fail the flashbang you 're done its really hard to aim at someone with infinite blink/teleport even more with a "FPS" game running at 20 tick rate. I mean, the same technically goes for Tracer, messing up means .Tracer counter picks, synergies and other matchups. Collaborative list created by player votes. Vote your favorite Tracer counters..Winston, Widowmaker. D.Va counters, Pharah, Mei, D.Va guide. -, Reinhardt, Symmetra. -, Widowmaker, Zenyatta. Genji counters, Bastion, Mei, Genji guide. -, Mercy, Zarya. -, Torbjorn, Winston. Hanzo counters, Bastion, D.Va, Hanzo guide. -, Torbjorn, Tracer. -, Widowmaker, Widowmaker. Junkrat counters, Bastion, McCree .