Tracer Accent

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I 've seen quite a few yt vids bashing Tracer 's accent and even read a few threads on here about people saying 'they should have hired an english .I can only really comment on tracer cause i only know what her accent would realistically sound like but i dont hate it its just not natural i feel like these things were implimented for recognizability for primarily english speaking countries like the UK and US, and stuff like accents being stereotypes doesnt .Even us Americans have noticed something seems a little off about her English accent. As far as I know, her voice actor is not actually British. Is her accent bad? Terrible? How do you Brits hear it? Official Roadhog of the Overwatch Boards "I 'm A One-Man Apocalypse" .Blizzard Entertainment added new voice lines in Overwatch beta patch build 27001 on . These can .