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Tamodachi/Tomodachi ; ; or is a Japanese word meaning "friend s ". It can also refer to: Songs. "Tomodachi", a song by Ketsumeishi; "Tomodachi", a song by Milk Bone; "Tomodachi no Wao!", a song by Puffy AmiYumi; "Tomodachi", a song by Kyu Sakamoto, appearing on the compilation album Kyu .It 's an interesting example of a general use word tomo friend, companion given a plural ending -tachi, -dachi . The result tomodachi can mean either "friend" or "friends", quite counter intuitively. What does the japanese word "Gunzo " mean?.Kanji, Furigana, Romaji, watashi wa kinyoubi tomodachi to isshoni nomi ni ikimasu. English, I go out drinking with friends on friday..I have only been studying japanese for about 6 months, and I need to know how to write "tomodachi" as a plural, and I think adding "tachi" to the end is incorrect. Could someone clarify? nate May 2010. "tachi" as a noun suffix designates a group that you are part of, identified by the noun. .

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    Participants of the 2017 TOMODACHI Disability Leadership Program Complete Their Training in Boston On , Mio Deguchi and Haruna Sakai, participants of .

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    Tamodachi/Tomodachi ; ; or is a Japanese word meaning "friend s ". It can also refer to: Songs "Tomodachi", a song by Ketsumeishi.

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    The Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington is an organization committed to preserving, promoting, and sharing Japanese and Japanese .

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    Hello and welcome to Tomodachi Izakaya Bar. We specialise in Japanese izakaya dining which is kind of like an informal, Japanese version of a gastropub..