Tissot Watches Reputation

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How does Tissot do in quality? Do the watches feel solid and hold up well? How are the bracelets? Any complaints about Tissot? I know they won 't be..There are two components to every watch which must always be considered: quality and value. You don 't want to pay too much for a new timepiece, but you also don 't want to overspend on something that ends up being a piece of junk. If you 're looking to stretch your money further, every Tissot watches review gives you an .What makes the Tissot Watch the best and what does it mean to most people to be able to buy a top watch like Tissot? This Tissot watches review article will answer these and other questions you might have about the brand of Tissot watches. Overview: The Tissot watches reputation is that of a reasonably priced watch of .Not exactly, Oris watches can be had sub 1k, but I 'm much more well of how they 're viewed, unlike Tissot, but I don 't care too much for most of them, but Oris watches are definitely a respectable brand even though it 's not a Ferrari. It 's like a BMW Series. I 'm looking for a blend of quality/respectability..