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Merchandiser. gross profit GP is calculated as the difference between net sales revenue and ___. COGS. the main expense of a merchandiser is. COGS. ____ are the expenses that occur in an entity ' major line of business. operating expenses. merchandise inventory acctg systems can be broadly categorized into 2 types:..Liabilities are going to go down. If the total claims by owners equity of Obe 's Gallery are $60,000 and liabilities are $25,000, what are total assets? A= L + E TRUE. The main expense of a merchandiser is ______. A cost of goods sold. B selling and administrative cost. C production overheads. D current assets. A cost .A merchandising company: A. Earns net income by buying and selling merchandise. B. Receives fees only in exchange for services. C. Earns profit from commissions only. D. Earns profit from fares only. E. Buys products from consumers. B. Is the term used for the cost of buying and preparing merchandise for sale. 77. Cost . b This account shall be subdivided as follows: 789:1 Revenues from Merchandising, Jobbing, and Contract Work. 789:2 Costs and Expenses of Merchandising, Jobbing, and Contract Work. Account 789:2 shall be further subdivided so as to show the major Items of costs and expenses. 1 Advertising in newspapers, .