Tax Deductions For Oilfield Workers

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Tax Deductions and Forms Checklist. Oil Field Workers Checklist. Revised . This is a list of items that you need when you come to see us for your tax return. We have additional forms on our downloads page to help in your record keeping. Please note: this list is not complete, it is a short summary and more .You return to Chicago every weekend. You may not deduct any of your travel, meals or lodging in Milwaukee because that 's your tax home. If your assignment is indefinite expected to last for more than one year then your new workplace becomes your tax home and you cannot deduct your job related expenses..Considered temporary and travel expenses are deductible, which can make a significant difference in the amount of tax that must be paid. In the event that an employer pays some of the travelling expenses, the worker can still file for claim. The only exception is when the employer pays travel expenses in full or the 45 p per.Tax deductions for offshore workers - Mommies whose husbands work the oilfield..