Switching From Lexapro To Prozac

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I was on 20mgs of lexapro and switching to Prozac. Feels like I have the flu. My head feels like it 's has been kicked in. I 'm finishing week one of Prozac. It 's been horrid. My thoughts are a mess and I feel exhausted. Anxiety has settled down since cutting down and stopping Lexapro. Yet other symptom .Hello everyone, have visited this forum often, just recently decided to create an account. I was on lexapro for anxiety, 24 year old panic, ocd for 2 years and then it stopped working. I started Prozac 7 weeks ago. 6 weeks on 20mg, 1 week on 40mg. I was wondering a few things: 1. How long for dose .Prozac and Lexapro are drugs that treat depression. They work similarly but have important differences. Here 's what you need to know about each medication..Five half-lives equates to about five days for most SSRIs except fluoxetine, which can still be significantly active five or more weeks after cessation. The second antidepressant is then introduced according to the starting dose recommendations. Table 3. Guidelines for switching between specific .