Surgery Story

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Love and Determination Help Brennan Get Back on His Feet in Time to Walk Down the Aisle. Before October 2015, Brennan Farley had never broken a bone in his body. That changed dramatically when a horrific vehicle accident landed the 30-year-old farm worker in Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Marys Campus, for two .We 've come a long way since the dark days of trepanning and bloodletting, but for all our state-of-the-art equipment, surgery is still really weird. The pr..Meet some of our former patients as they share their experiences of the care they received from the Johns Hopkins Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. From sports injuries to joint and knee replacements and skeletal reconstruction, our patients talk about how their lives have been changed by the treatment they have .Stories. Stories from patients and physician anesthesiologists demonstrate how these medical experts make a difference saving and changing lives when seconds count. A quick-acting physician anesthesiologist helped save a baby 's life when complications arose during brain surgery..