Surgery For Diastasis Recti Pictures

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Client 6: Session Three: Waist: 30 Inches Diastasis: 5-5-4 *. Client 8 before, Client 8 after. Client 7: Session One: Doctor Recommended Surgery with 5 inches of mesh *, Client 7: Session Three: Waist: Lost 1.5 Inches No Surgery Required. *. Client 9 before, Client 9 after. Client 8: Session One: Waist: 34 Inches Diastasis: .I had diastasis, umbilical and ventral hernia. I had follow up a week later and general surgeon said my pregnancy stretched and weakened abdominal READ MORE 11 answers. Tummy Tuck. What part s of your stomach would you like to change? Tighten above the belly button. Remove excess skin on lower belly.This condition can be temporary during pregnancy, but some women with diastasis recti feel that they still look pregnant months after giving birth. Most cases can be repaired with exercise and physical therapy, but more severe cases may need surgery. Choosing a doctor? Find doctors nearby Average Price: $10,525..Diastasis recti surgery before and after Save. Here is the wound, all closed in, six months ! post-op. Infection gone! The scar is a dark pink because it 's actually a stretch mark! My new incision stretched so much from the buildup that my scar turned dark-colored and shiny. Weird. I will take more pictures in several months to .