Surface Dyslexia Treatment

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Implications for Treatment. Since children with surface dyslexia can successfully, if slowly, sound out real and nonsense words with regular spellings sublexical reading a phonics approach alone would not be of much help. Instead they will need help developing 'lexical ' skills, meaning the identification of whole words at .Treatment. Some stu.s have demonstrated improvements in reading and spelling performance of individual children with surface dyslexia. Many of the interventions that exist are based on the dual route model of reading and utilize a targeted approach based on the individual assessment results..Surface dyslexia, for instance, can follow damage to any of the lexical components necessary for reading known words. To initiate a well-motivated treatment, one must know what components are damaged. Some the.utic suggestions for treating all of the components involved in reading and writing are offered..This type of dyslexia is also sometimes called "surface dyslexia" or "visual dyslexia." Typically, the dyseidetic Davis methods will help dyslexics who fit both types, because the underlying issues which give rise to dyslexia are addressed through Davis Orientation and Davis Symbol Mastery. Answer by Abigail Marshall .