Submandibular Lymph Nodes Swollen

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    There are many cervical neck lymph nodes, like the Submandibular one, which is in the neck that can cause a swelling or enlargement in the neck. Enlargement can often mean the presence of an infection or disease. Lymphatic fluid drains from different regions of the head and neck..

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    Submandibular Lymph Nodes Submandibular lymph nodes are glands that are a part of the immune system and are located below the jaw. Submandibular lymph nodes .

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    When she examined me she found my right submandibular lymph node was swollen Swollen submandibular lymph nodes, What can cause submandibular lymph node .

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    These lymph nodes filter lymph from the submaxillary salivary gland, tongue, mouth, lips, cheek, nose and conjunctiva the that covers the eyeball and underside of the eyelid . Swollen submandibular nodes usually indicate an active viral or bacterial infection and are commonlyociated with infections of the sinuses, eyes, and ears..