Stop Showing Up To Work

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When i was 17 i worked at a fast food joint, and i didnt wanna work there anymore, so i walked in 5 mins before my shift, and walked up to my manager and said "I quit" she was mindfukked and said i need a 2 week notice! not a 15 minute one. and i said "oh well too bad" and continued to walk out with a .It depends on individual situation. Walking up of a job in Tesco is unlikely to be career damaging. Waking out of a high powered job in the oil industry will more than likely make getting another job in that field very difficult. If you can afford not to work, you can leave. Last job I quit straight up on I called the night after a shit shift .After all the stress of going to college and work at the same time I decided just to quit the other day. I quit so I could focus on I knew I would not ever want to work at Wal-Mart again, so I felt I did not need to give a 2 weeks notice. I could not handle a two weeks notice I stopped showing up. Looking back I think I 'd still do .In a concerning new trend hitting the UK, workers admit they have 'ghosted ' an employer by simply failing to show up to work, instead of handing in their formal notice..

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