Stomach Seizure

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Abdominal epilepsy is an exceptionally rare syndrome of epilepsy that 's more likely to occur in children. With abdominal epilepsy, seizure activity causes abdominal symptoms. So it could be that the abdominal pain is only coincidental, not caused by seizures..Abdominal epilepsy, also known as autonomic epilepsy, is a rare condition most frequently found in children, consisting of gastrointestinal GI disturbances caused by epileptiform seizure activity. It has been described as a type of temporal lobe epilepsy. Responsiveness to anticonvulsants can aid in the diagnosis..Abdominal epilepsy is an uncommon cause of recurrent abdominal pain. It is characterised by paroxystic episodes of abdominal pain, diverse abdominal complaints, definite EEG abnormalities and favourable response to the introduction of epilepsy drugs. We describe four patients, with recurrent abdominal pain, without .