Side Stitch At Rest

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Question is in the title really I could be standing up going anything, or laying in bed, and I 'll get a stitch in my stomach, but it will be REALLYYY painful to the point where i flinch to hold my stomach. Any ideas?! EDIT: another thing that could be important to add: whenever I run up some stairs, I get so out of .Instead, breathe evenly and deeply, drawing air deep into your lungs so your belly rises, your diaphragm dips, and your ligaments get a rest.[pagebreak]Go Easy on the DownhillWalking or running downhill increases the force on your body with every foot strike. Avoid long downhill routes if side stitches are a recurrent .What are some possible causes for muscle pain in right side of back? I have had a peanut-sized lump on the right side of my groin for 10 years, without any symptoms. A side stitch classically manifests as an aching, stabbing, or sharp pain your abdomen, just below your ribs..