Ritalin Vs Adderall Reddit

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I see the question quite often, "What 's the difference between Adderall and Ritalin?". A lot of people assume that because they both are .However, a Ritalin crash is more of a "put you down on your ass for 2 hours" crash and the amphetamine crash is more like a "feel somewhat drained, but super uncomfortable for the rest of the day" crash. Like with a Ritalin I prefer railing ritalin but I prefer adderall orally vs. ritalin orally. permalink; embed .Ritalin IR lasts 3-4 hours for me, Ritalin extended release lasts 9-10 hours for me. Continued use built up tolerance. Hostile, offensive behavior and increased aggression. A lot of anxiety. Adderall: Less "drugged" feeling in comparison to Methylphenidate; enhanced focus is possible, but it doesn 't feel like .Ritalin never helped me much, Adderall gave me horrible anxiety, focalin is decent and vyvanse works great. . A it was investigated as an ADHD medicine, it helps the impulsive and the hyperactive part of ADHD but not the other parts such as inattention vs attention, motivation, executive functioning, etc..