Reinhardt Height

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1.6 m/5 '3 ' ' - Mei 1.4 m/4 '7" - Torbjorn. Which Reddit Thread did you get this from? Because in-game it looks like Genji is taller than Hanzo when you have them standing together. At least to me True, but when mercy and reinhardt are standing next to each other, they are also pretty much the same height .Since we have hero age list, i made height list. Is it somehow useful? No, but i had some free time and i was browsing overwatch wiki. 2.23 m/7 '4" - Reinhardt; 2.2 m/7 '3" - Bastion; 2.2 m/7 '3" upright - Winston; 2.2 m/7 '3" - Roadhog; 1.95 m/6 '6" - Junkrat; 1.95 m/6 '5" - Zarya; 1.85 m/6 '1" - Pharah; 1.85 m/6 '1" .Height: 2.23 m / 7 '4" Clad in powered armor and swinging his hammer, Reinhardt leads a rocket-propelled charge across the battleground and defends his squadmates with a Reinhardt, a highly decorated German sol.r, was inducted as part of the original Overwatch strike team that put an end to the Omnic Crisis..

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    A Georgia native, Dr. Danny Cronic is the first head coach of Reinhardt University's football program. In his first season, he was named Mid-South Conference West .

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    Reinhard Model and Talent Agency is known throughout the industry for representing highly professional models and actors available in the Philadelphia and Tri-state area..

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    Real brothers. Higgins said Matthus was up for this from the start but it took Jungen over a year to agree to be filmed doing what they had been doing in p .

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    Darin De Paul, Actor: Julie Julia. Darin De Paul has performed as an actor on Broadway, Off-Broadway, in regional theaters and on national tours. He has also done .