Refrigerate Hummus

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  • Roasted Garlic Hummus Recipe Eatingwell

    This garlicky hummus is the perfect dip for pita crisps. To make the crisps, simply bake triangles of pita bread in a hot oven until they are golden, about 8 minutes..

  • Hummusapien The Daily Dish On A Hummus Loving Foo

    Since my blog is called Hummusapien, you'd think I'd have a handful of humbelievable hummus recipes. best apron ever. That's not exactly the case..

  • Veggie Hummus Sandwich Recipe Eatingwell

    This mile-high vegetable and hummus sandwich makes the perfect heart-healthy vegetarian lunch to go. Mix it up with different flavors of hummus and different types of .

  • Chipotle Hummus Hell Yeah Its Vegan

    I think hummus tastes best when made from freshly cooked chickpeas -- and they're cheaper than canned ones, too! I use a pressure cooker to cook mine without any .