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It can be a long wait until the 28th - so go ahead and share what came in this month 's Loot Crate. Talk openly about what 's in the box, post pictures and discuss about Loot Crate in general! Rule #1 This subreddit is for early discussion, hints, and leaks regarding loot crate subscription boxes. Feel free to discuss the positives .Billing and account issues, shipment problems e.g. no tracking info, wrong address , missing or damaged items, missing crates and all other support questions.** Loot Crate 's support team does not monitor Reddit. If you can 't find the answer you 're looking for, send support an email using this button: .Hey all! Happy New Year! You know the drill - post whatever spoilers you scrounge up and we 'll see what Loot Crate squeezes out this money. This .Lootcrate -6 points submitted 7 months ago. You 're right. We could have done a better job, this is a new process for us and reddit and responding here with the info would have been helpful even if it had been posted multiple time. Sorry about that. We 've posted all the info now and we will make sure reddit knows that the .