Rectus Abdominis Strain Recovery Time

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By practicing good posture and maintaining good muscle strength, you can reduce the risk of re-injury. For a mild abdominal strain, recovery time is typically two to ten days. A moderate strain often requires two to six weeks, and a severe abdominal strain might need up to ten weeks of recovery time..Also known as a pulled abdominal muscle, this injury involves overstretching muscle or tendon fibers that results in a mild to severe tear. Rectus abdominis muscle strains usually cause lower abdominal pain, originating about 2 inches below your navel and commonly extending into your groin..An abdominal strain is a tear to the muscle or tendon usually of the rectus abdominus muscle although other muscles in the stomach area such as the internal obliques or external obliques can be affected. Ruptures occur weeks to heal. If you have ruptured the muscle the healing time will depend on how bad the strain is..I hurt myself in the gym Nov 2014. Severe pain in lower abdomen. In December hurt myself again. I have been suffering pains and discomforts since depending on my physical activity . I have had two hernia repairs . I am 55 yrs old. MRI showed I have 'chronic abdominis muscle tear '. The Dr said rest..