Received Federal Refund But Not State

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Occasionally the state will mail a check even if you chose direct deposit. Then to check on a state refund, look at your state tax website to see if they have a tool or hotline for refund status for that state 's filers. Click on your state at the following FAQ..So I filed 1/26 for both state federal and last week on 2/10 I received my federal return but as of today 2/17 I still have not received my state return. Is there anyone else with this problem? I have tried using the "Check My Refund" from the ftb website for California and it tell me they are unable to check my .The Internal Revenue Service typically issues tax refunds within 21 days of receiving the tax return, if the tax return was filed electronically. If you filed your tax return, and the Where 's My Refund app shows that the IRS sent your refund, but it still hasn 't shown up in your bank account, then maybe the IRS sent the refund to .When contemplating the arrival date of your state tax refund, you should also consider when you submitted your state tax return. If you filed closer to the end of the tax season which may be on or near the April 15 federal filing deadline, depending on your state be patient with checking your state refund .