Quotes From Television Shows

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The Lion King. Zamurovic Photography/Shutterstock. Full House. Zamurovic Photography/Shutterstock. Mean Girls. Zamurovic Photography/Shutterstock. The Notebook. Zamurovic Photography/Shutterstock. The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Zamurovic Photography/Shutterstock. Airplane. Cheers. The Wonder Years..Because the cultural lexicon would be so empty without television. We recently asked BuzzFeed Community members to tell us their favorite iconic television quotes of all time. Here are the quotes that TV lovers will never forget..4. "I am so sick of hearing about the Man of Steel. Every woman worth her salt knows that we have to work twice as hard as a man to be thought of as half as good." Cat Grant, Supergirl. 5. "I 'll be honest with you. It 's beginning to look like I 'm not going to get The Tonight Show." David Letterman, The Late .Most popular TV shows. Friends mistakes. The Simpsons mistakes. Monk mistakes. The Andy Griffith Show mistakes. The King of Queens mistakes. and the City mistakes .