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I strained my lat deadlifting yesterday somehow it happened at the very top of a deadlift? I guess you use your lets to pull your shoulders into place maybe? Either way, regardless of how it happened it happened. I think its pretty minor, it hurt a good bit this morning but Ice + Nsaids control the pain pretty .Your latissimus dorsi muscle is the largest muscle in your back and makes moving your arm up and back possible. A muscle sprain causes pain, muscle atrophy and hindered movement of your arm, shoulder and back. Sitting in a recliner, sofa or upright chair provide examples of how to .For many individuals, the cause of your back discomfort is a result of a pulled or strained muscle in your back, more commonly your lower back region. A muscle strain Latissimus Dorsi: Also called the "lat". So a back muscle strain is actually a back muscle tear and a pulled back muscle is actually a torn back muscle..