Pros And Cons Of Dropping Out Of College

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You make things work, and make them happen. Cons: Once you leave school, it is hard to go back. Statistically, students who leave college once are less likely to go back--which isn 't inherently a bad thing, if life and work are going well outside school..So, should you drop out of college? No one knows but you. You need to weigh the pros and cons of your unique situation. Be able to articulate why this is a good option for you. In choosing to leave school, you are choosing an unconventional path. Your new situation will require you to be able to explain .This answer honestly differs depending on the type of person you are as you may think my pros are cons and vice versa. With that here, we go! PROS: 1 Money College without scholarships or grants can be VERY expensive. Most students rely on loans .Before freaking out at the very thought of your child dropping out, carefully weigh the pros and cons of dropping or stopping out. A traditional path to a high school diploma is not necessarily the right fit for everyone, and after the initial shock of the idea has subsided, you may come to the conclusion that your .