Proforma Budget

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A pro forma budget forecasts revenues and expenses in advance for a particular project, such as a merger, loan, bankruptcy, new debt or equity payments. A pro forma operating budget depicts the anticipated results of the proposed change, including the projected cash flows, net revenues and taxes..

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    Accurate budgeting can make or break a business. An operating budget provides an overview of the costs of running your business, predicting your company's daily .

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    Pro forma budgets are used by most businesses and many conscientious individuals. These calculations project the income and outflow for the coming month, quarter or year..

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    You might be a little bit confused about the difference between a budget and pro forma financial statement, so I thought I would try to explain a couple of the small .

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    "Pro forma" is from the Latin meaning "according to form." Pro forma operating budgets are estimates based on anticipated income and expenses. By statute, budgets .