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Warning- major plot spoilers below. Presentable Liberty is a game about a prisoner who is not able to leave their cell. You, the prisoner, collect letters and each time you open them, you progress in the game. In the story, a man named Doctor Money wanted to become the richest man in the world. To accomplish this goal, .The "Alternate Ending" is achieved when you do NOT press space to open the door after Salvadore cut off the power in the prison. After a while the door will close again, and you will receive letters from Dr. Money. If you 're not already aware, Presentable Liberty and Exoptable Money are having remakes made..This is the Presentable Liberty Wiki, a site that anyone can read and anyone can edit all about .Note that the protagonist from Exoptable Money and the protagonist from Presentable Liberty are two different people, but both existed during the same time period due to the close timelines in both games..

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